Who are we?
FITNESSHOCK are protein, sugar-free and flour-free, individually wrapped desserts. Low in calories, yet very tasty, our products have great ingredients for people who take care of their body and prefer active lifestyle. With our own productmaking facilities we control every step of the process and stay updated on trends to make sure our desserts have the best possible quality!
product that is delicious yet benefits the body
people keep their good eating habits and take care of their health
that sugar-free desserts can be both TASTY and HEALTHY
Cookies / Line "Crispy"
Cookies / Line "Dessert"
Cookies / Line "Nuts"
Layered Bars / No Sugar Bar
Why choose us?
Most people will buy the product after reading the ingredients
We designed a cool packaging that attracts the customers
We offer a great variety of product that suits different customers
Lifestyle gurus and sportsmen value our products for good taste and high quality
We guarantee that our product will leave an empty shelf with people coming for more
Healthy snacks are trending (better to eat a protein bar than a bag of chips)
Our advertising coverage is more than 25 000 000 a month and our brand is developing very fast
Expiration date of our product is at least 6 months
Our Contacts
Feel free to write us.
Try our delicious products and attract new happy customers!
Fitness Desserts LLC
Russia, Togliatti